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Eugenics, Progressives, and Miscegenation: Popenoe’s “Applied Eugenics”

It is very common to hear people speak as though it was Republican/conservatives/Christians that opposed intermarriage between black and whites (miscegenation), and that this attitude represented rank bigotry and amounted to open racism.  This is a white-washing of history.  The truth is that progressives and secularists thoroughly embraced anti-miscegenation.  The reader can be assured that …

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Theodore Roosevelt on Madison Grant’s “The Passing of the Great Race”

Theodore Roosevelt commends Madison Grant’s book, The Passing of the Great Race.  HT In Scribners’ magazine, 1917, Theodore Roosevelt wrote the following about Madison Grant’s book “The Passing of The Great Race”: [editor’s foreword, describing Grant’s book, followed by Roosevelt’s endorsement] The vast subject of the origin, relationship, evolution, migration, and expansion of European man …

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Eugenics, Anti-Miscegenation, and Progressives

Eugenics and Progressives were usually one and the same, which is ironic, because to hear it told today, anti-miscegenation was something that conservatives was against.  Actually, it was liberals, and Progressives in particular–and certainly eugenicists!–that were against the intermarriage of blacks and whites, and for that matter, whites and any other race, too.  One must …

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