Affidavit of Loss and Indemnity Agreement

Whenever a person loses a document that cannot be immediately replaced with a copy, they may need to file an affidavit of loss. For example, the title, license plate or license plate of a vehicle could be destroyed, stolen or disfigured if it can no longer be used. Some states require an affidavit to record their loss. The owner or holder of the title must provide information such as the make, model and vehicle identification number associated with the missing documents. It is always possible that a physical registration of a security such as a share certificate may be lost. If the record is stolen, misplaced or destroyed, the owner must make an affidavit of loss of the item. This is an oath that emphasizes that to the best of the person`s knowledge, the recording has really disappeared. If the lost copy appears after the owner has received a replacement warranty, the original record must be forwarded to the company for disposal. It happens. Sometimes share certificates are lost or accidentally destroyed.

But don`t worry. Whether you intend to hold, sell or transfer your shares, there is a way to recover the physical certificates. The company or transfer agent will replace them, but you will first need to make a verified affidavit known as the Lost Stock Certificate Affidavit. 8. The shareholder hereby requests and issues this affidavit to request that the Corporation issue new share certificates or duplicates in lieu of the original certificates. There are comparable statements for missing financial documents that are not securities. An affidavit of the lost note is filed if a promissory note or other promissory note is destroyed or lost. This type of affidavit would include the name of the debtor, the outstanding balance, the interest rate on the debt, details of the repayment history, and a list of all goods provided as security. An affidavit of loss can be filed for other types of documents, such as. B such as owning a house, passport, diploma or even an ATM card. Missing marriage certificates may require such a document. The rules and requirements regarding the information required when filing an affidavit on loss vary by jurisdiction.

Some require that an affidavit of loss be notarized. An affidavit of loss is a document that usually explains the loss of title by theft or destruction. The affidavit includes all the details of the loss, such as the name of the owner and all the information about the title. This information may include a serial number or the date of issue of the security. After the presentation of the declaration, a letter of compensation may be issued to request the replacement of the warranty. 3. The shareholder has made the following efforts to find the original certificate(s). The destruction of the original certificate(s) took place as follows: 4. The original certificate(s) were not confirmed as follows: 7. If the shareholder locates the original certificates or if they are otherwise returned to the shareholder, the shareholder agrees that these original certificates have no value and that these recovered original certificates will be handed over to the company immediately and without consideration for deletion. 5.

None of the original certificates or the shareholder`s rights in respect thereof has been assigned, transferred, mortgaged, pledged, given or otherwise assigned in any way, in whole or in part. Our carefully prepared questionnaires save you from guesswork. Your answers fill out the forms easily and correctly the first time. I am of legal age and an authorized officer, agent or representative of , who is the sole legal and effective owner (the “Shareholder”) of the shares, par value, of a company (the “Company”), represented by certificate numbers (the “Original Certificates”) issued by the Company on behalf of the Shareholder. 9. In light of the above, the shareholder must be able to describe how the share certificates were lost or destroyed. Have the name of the company ready, as well as the face value and type of share certificates discussed. 2. The original certificate(s) have been lost.

6. The shareholder shall be entitled to full and exclusive possession of the original certificate(s) and no other natural or legal person has any interest in the original certificate(s) or the proceeds thereof. Know who this document is signed for and where. Nearly two million companies have trusted us to help them get started, and millions have allowed us to help them grow, regardless of their shape or size. We have customer service specialists who are just a phone call away to point you in the right direction. .