Agreement Vijay Movie

You don`t have to waste time browsing endlessly – here`s the whole selection of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Priya gets a job at another company. Vijay takes over this business, although it suffers heavy losses, so Priya will work in his company as a personal assistant. But Priya refuses to talk to Vijay and snubs all his efforts to reconcile with her. Priya soon realizes that she is pregnant. She invites Vijay, Vishwanathan and their company employees to her Seemantham. However, she uses the Seemantham feature as an opportunity to insult Vijay and Vishwanathan and reveal to all the guests present that Vijay is her husband and left her after a year according to her agreement. Vijay takes revenge by saying that Priya married him and accepted the terms of his agreement, not out of love for him or not with the intention of reforming him, but to use his money to solve the various problems of his family, leaving the function to his father. The wonderful family drama.

It was first recorded in Telugu and then reissued in Hindi. Eventually, Vijay did it in Tamil. I like Vivek`s comedies in this film. I liked the Hindi version like any other version. In terms of performance, Kajol and Simren did the same. The film is filled with many, many feelings, little good deeds from Vijay and Simran. VIJAY comes as USA Return Guy and did his job with great dedication and in a relaxed way, although the way he projects himself was too strange. The story is about the “one YEAR deal” and if married life works well, we will continue or stop and be good friends. As Priya was only the deserving member of her family, she agreed to marry Vijay to solve all her family problems.

The two eventually married for a year. Upon arriving at the office, Vijay learns of the evil deeds of his two employees – Kazan Khan Kazan Khan is an actor who worked in the south >> Read More. and Thalaivasal Vijay Vijay (Vijaykumar) obtained the title Thalaivasal as h >> Read More. . They illegally transferred money to other parties. Vijay filed a complaint with the police and both were arrested. In revenge, the two planned to kill Vijay and injured him in an accident. Priya then helps Vijay recover from his injuries by taking good care of him.

Well, it was the moment of their first wedding anniversary when everyone was shocked when Vijay announced that the marriage contract was over and he brought Priya home. This behavior of Vijay hurt Priya a lot. What is it? There were emotions, family dramas, Indian vs. Western culture, comedy, violence, religious tradition. The director and his former team came back with the new concept. The music is good. The film maintains the audience`s interest by showing the twists and turns. Synopsis: Vijay (Vijay), son of industrialist Viswanathan (SPB), returns home from abroad after completing his studies. He only follows Western culture and wants to enjoy life and is not interested in weddings and business. To make Vijay a responsible person in life, Viswanathan asks him to get married, but he is shocked when he hears Vijay`s condition that he is ready to get married, but this should only be valid for one year. This worries Viswanathan because no girl in town will accept this condition.

This is how he describes this Priya (Simran) agreement. She is his personal secretary. He calls her to marry his son, believing that Vijay`s thoughts will change when a girl like Priya, who is reasonable and trustworthy, marries Vijay. On their first wedding anniversary, to the shock of all, Vijay decides to end their marriage according to his agreement, claiming that he only considered Priya a girlfriend and never a wife, and lets Priya go home. Priya is deeply hurt by Vijay`s behavior, and she is also verbally harassed by many men for agreeing to an “agreed” marriage. Vijay continues his carefree lifestyle for a few more days until he sees an old beggar carrying his paralyzed wife on his back and begging at a traffic light. Questioned, the beggar says that although his wife cannot recover, it is his duty to take care of her until her death. This incident makes Vijay realize his mistake, understands Indian culture and feels guilty that even an elderly and poor beggar can take care of his wife when he couldn`t. He rushes to Priya`s house, apologizes to her and asks her to come back to him. But Priya refuses, because her faith in Vijay is broken. Meanwhile, Manohar and 7 Times try again to get Vijay into trouble, after which he has her arrested.

Analysis: This is the second film of Vijay, Simran and director Selva Barathy with a concept of family drama and romance. He showed the younger generation, who are not aware of it, the need for Indian tradition and marriages. The story is very entertaining; therefore, there is no reason to be bored. A new concept of marriage consensuality has emerged, which is handled wonderfully by the characters. Conclusion: The film is quite entertaining and needs to be seen. Priya initially refuses to be aware of Vijay`s agreement. However, she is the sole breadwinner of her family. She has an older sister who is going to have heart surgery, a younger sister who is getting married and a younger brother, Shankar, who is unemployed. So she decides to sacrifice her life and marry Vijay, accepting the terms of her agreement for the benefit of her family. Vijay and Priya become good friends after the wedding, but Vijay refuses to consider Priya as his wife. At Priya`s insistence, Vijay decides to work in his father`s office, where he learns of the embezzled money of his office workers Manohar, a Vijay employee, and 7 Times, Priya`s rude and rude uncle who envies her.