When Labor Union Leaders Negotiate a Contract

DUAL TRADE UNIONISM – activities of members of a trade union on behalf of or membership of a competing trade union. Few things stand out as much for an employer as losing a union election. When a union obtains certification in a secret ballot conducted by the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), a company is required by law to negotiate in good faith with the union a contract of employment that governs virtually all the terms and conditions of employment of the represented workforce. But how long does this process take? Thanks to a recent analysis by Bloomberg Law, we now have a clearer idea. Nurses had long practiced open negotiations at Baystate Franklin, the legacy of former MNA organizer Mike Fadel, who shared the preferences of Stern`s CIO. The opening allowed members like Love to immediately see what the union was. “I was attracted that way by being at the sessions and seeing what it was,” Love said. “We could really defend ourselves as a group with a collective voice.” Not only that, but she really enjoyed being in the negotiating room with her colleagues. During the caucuses, the atmosphere was relaxed and social, and there was always food.

“It felt like a great way to get to know the people I work with who are outside of my ministry because they can be very isolated,” Love said. Love and his colleagues worked in the emergency room and often suffered the downstream consequences of problems elsewhere in the hospital. With the hospital constantly understaffed, the medical-surgical unit and other services often refused to accept transfers of patients from the emergency room, leaving them stranded. In the past, Love was frustrated with “med/surg” nurses when patients began to “secure” themselves, which overwhelmed emergency medical assistants. But when Love spoke to them during the downtime in the negotiations, he realized, “Maybe there`s other things going on behind the scenes that we don`t know about in the emergency room.” TRUSTEES – An elected union representative whose job is to oversee the finances of a local union, joint council, conference or international union. Also an official appointed by the Independent Review Commission or the President General of the International Union to lead a local union under trusteeship. With up to 75 members in the room at any given time, the caucuses provided an important space to plan the presentation of the union`s proposals and how to respond to management`s proposals. In fact, the bargaining committee often turned to other staff in the room to provide additional explanations or justifications on specific points. For the considerable number of nurses who wanted to watch but were reluctant to speak to management, the caucuses gave them the opportunity to build confidence by planning ahead who would speak in what order and playing role-plays with Simon.

“I like it when people give their rap of what they`re going to say, then I play the boss and just cut them into cassettes,” Simon said. And sometimes it`s funny because it`s so dishonest and the coming out of me. And sometimes it`s also very helpful because you realize, “Have you seen what you`ve encountered? I saw you coming a mile away. Don`t do that. The second point you make? It`s the money. By taking the time to reflect on the arguments and create a plan for the bargaining table, members felt safer and more willing to speak directly to management. The Bargaining Committee has endeavoured to continue to involve members even after the conclusion of the negotiation inquiry process and the announcement of their trading venue. They ensured that the date and location of each bargaining session was posted on Facebook and on MPs` boards in each department`s break room. At the end of each bargaining session, members stayed in the room and wrote a detailed bargaining pamphlet that will be distributed to the store the next day. The text of the leaflet would then be posted in the closed Facebook group of the member for Baystate Franklin. Sometimes Simon or the MNA communications staff made adjustments to the final brochure overnight based on questions or comments from the Facebook group. Although MNA has been reluctant to use Facebook in the past, Stern, Love, and the other members of the bargaining committee helped set the tone for maintaining the group`s productivity. .